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Our training program on EDA tools combines a mixture of theory and practice to help users with the knowledge and techniques required for delivering high quality projects in shorter timescales.
Antenna designing
In the last twenty years, we have witnessed enormous progress in the field of Computational Electromagnetics.
Advance Image/video processing
To become a nationally acclaimed training, research and development centre among all MSME tool rooms that serves society through excellence in education and research in the field of Image and video processing.
Mentor-DSP is an easy to use, interactive software tool cum comprehensive learning resource for various signal processing techniques, DSP functions, communication methods, statistical analysis, speech synthesis, and Image processing. The software includes realtime features such as sound processing, image capture and interface with a specific DSP hardware platform.
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Artificial Intelligence
Getting introduced and riding the new wave of technology disruption with IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Embedded Systems
n our day-to-day life we frequently use many electrical and electronic circuits and kits which are designed using embedded systems technology. The electrical and electronics engineering students and electronics and communications engineering students are required to design final year electronics projects to gain hands on experience with the real time embedded systems and also to fulfill the engineering graduation criteria

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With a client list spanning nearly in all industries, and colleges, SpaartaSoft’ product solutions have benefited customers of many different sizes. By acquaintance with Spaartasoft you’ll have access to current technology,Development tools,Reference Schematcs,sample source code, and step-by-step action plans for completing Key projects. You’ll also be provided full access to our research archives and knowledge base..

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• Employability Quotient enhancement of Students.
• To initiate Industry – Institute collaboration regarding Teaching and Sales and Marketing.
• To let students know the standard practices and design procedures followed by industry.
• To make UG/PG students, research Scholars realize the relevance of syllabus contents by undergoing hands on session. • To experience software / Hardware design process, verification and validation.
Scope of VLSI
In the recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for chip driven products in consumer electronics, medical electronics, communication, aero-space, computers and many other sectors. Seeing this phenomenal market demand, more and more chip designing companies have set up their units in India eying on the Indian talents.
Antenna Design and Simulation
In the last twenty years, we have witnessed enormous progress in the field of Computational Electromagnetics. The subject of Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) is concerned with the numerical analysis of electromagnetic phenomena, often in situations of great complexity.

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