Our Partners


The Union High School FIRST robotics team, Ubotics, is dedicated to bringing engineering and technology into the spotlight within their school and community and is working to create a reputation of excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for Union High School. Ubotics strives to give participating students valuable experience that they will be able to use in order to excel in college and their future careers in the STEM fields. In the first week of each year, FIRST Robotics Competition releases an animation describing the challenge; then they release their kit of parts and rules for the game.

EDAS Nagpur

E-DAS is the first company in central INDIA which started promoting university development program and training in the advance field like VLSI, DSP and Embedded applications in educational sectors. We are proud to say that we have supported more than 100 engineering college laboratories all over India in above said area’s and imparted valuable training to more than 2000 engineers, lecturers and instructors in central INDIA.EDAS Technologies has an mpressive board with a team of highly qualified and energetic engineers portraying excellent hardware development skills and experience in several Application & Technology domains

Logsun Systems Pune

Logsun Systems is a leading manufacturer and authorized distributer for Microprocessor & Microcontroller Trainer, Development Boards Development Tools, DSP Trainer, Microwave Bench & Trainer Setup and providers of Electronics products for Industries, Corporate, Defense Institutes, Technical Educational Institutes like Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and other vocational institutes. The Organization has its setup in PUNE and is equipped with development tools & latest in-house testing facilities.