Mentor-DSP is an easy to use, interactive software tool cum comprehensive learning resource for various signal processing techniques, DSP functions, communication methods, statistical analysis, speech synthesis, and Image processing. The software includes realtime features such as sound processing, image capture and interface with a specific DSP hardware platform. It is simple, intuitive and straightforward to use, targeted to students in the field of digital signal processing.

Mentor-DSP achieves the perfect balance between theory and practice, making DSP accessible to beginners without ever over complicating ie. Comprehensive in scope and gentle in approach, keeping the math at a tolerable level, Mentor-DSP helps engineers thoroughly grasp the basics and quickly move on to more sophisticated techniques.

Who Can Use?

Mentor-DSP targets engineering students and learning professionals to pilot them right from basic fundamentals of DSP like sampling theorem, data conversion, aliasing effects, quantization, signal generation etc. to various signal processing techniques viz, convolution, correlation, filtering, FFT & IFFT, modulation schemes etc. and finally paves the way towards advance DSP techniques like DCT, speech synthesis and Image processing.

Why Mentor-DSP?

Strong foundations..! Mentor-DSP is intended for DSP learners at any stage from beginners to veterans, to smoothen the learning curve and progress their designs from inspiration to implementation. Mentor-DSP will also prove very helpful for teachers to use it during classroom teaching. Teachers can use it Mentor-DSP for in depth explanation of DSP functions &techniques along with practical implementation.

Mentor-DSP Package

Basically Metor DSP is a complete package consisting of seven different modules along with one hardware platform to play with DSP experiments :

  • DSPBase (for Basic Theory)
  • NumPro (for numbering formats)
  • SigGen (for Signal Generation)
  • DSPro (for DSP functions)
  • ComPro (for Communication traning)
  • MathSTAT (for Statistical DSP)
  • ImageSEE (for image processing)
  • DSCint (Hardware interfacing software with board)
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